Nomsanga is a brand created by students for students! We aspire to provide our customers with high quality Shea butter at a very affordable price. Why? That is because we want to change the narrative. Natural does not always mean expensive!

Educate yourself

Nomsanga would also like to provide you with insigtful information. That is why we have decided to start a blog section. Read the articles we have made available for you. Learn more about our us as brand, learn more about natural cosmetics and most importantly, discover more about Burkinabe cultures. 



All of our products have a backstory. They hold a place in the Burkinabe culture. We want you to grow and learn about our culture.

We aim to provide you with natural products. We currently have a goal to provide you with organic certified products.


We want you to learn that it is not about trying to discover the most complex formulas. Stay true to yourself and stay simple. You will still achieve the best results.

My Story

By a Student for Students!

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Nomsanga also provides wholesale services. Send us an email regarding these services